- Patch Log -
	~New roumen~
~Flower event search flower and become nice items [5 min respawn time]~
~Alberstol delete double npc and fixed map texture~
~Delete tower of reborn [Bera]~
~Fixed ice cracker hideout~
~Pey have now new buffs~
~Delete gold freezer gate~
~New npc raid helper~
~Mara drop [Level 25 Weapon skins and Jewellery]
~Zombie king drop [Level 35 armor] [little tip go to raid helper npc beforehand]~
~Goblin king drop [Level 45 armor] [little tip go to raid helper npc beforehand]~
~Iyzel Tower drop [Level 55 armor]~
~Land of trials drop [Level 60 giant orc weapons and level 55 armor]~
~Crystal castle drop [level 60 ring level 65 armor and spawn boxes]~
~Trumpy remains harpy drop [level 70 weapons and level 75 armor]~
~Flaming mine drop [level 80 85 and 90 good green weapons and boss drop Jewellery]~
~Guardian's Holy Shrine drop [level 85 armor]~
~Helga drop [Level 100 dark helga weapon] [little tip go to raid helper npc beforehand]~
~Malephar drop [level 105 armor & weapons]~
~Leviathan nest normal [level 100 armor]~
~Leviathan nest hard [level better 100 armor]~
~New dungeon forgotten temple [110 armor and produce items for level 110 weapons]~
~Ghost karen drop [ghost karen skins]~
~Ghost helga now 110 drop [110 weapons]~
~Add demonic home drop [Demonic skins & wings 30 min respawn time]~
~Add angelic home drop [Angelic skins & wings 30 min respawn time]~
~Twills nest now level 120-130 drop [level 120 class badge]~
~Valley Magrite drop [auren]~
~Thorn Cave karen drop [Karen weapons level 114]~
~Add hero announce~
~Daily event npc~
~Daily quest Roumenus [100-110]~
~New port point to elderine~
~Add items and weapon skins to daily npc~
~Fix skins~
~Delete produce & produce items~
~Add new sky roumen,moonlight tomb,elderine,uruga,desert~
~Delete mutant home~
~Delete dark district~

~For a buff go to the fountain and say buff please~
~and don't forget to collect the gift from the daily npc~

	- Raid Server -
	- Exp Rate Low Rate and High Rate Server -
	- Drop Rate Middle -
	- Cap 115 -
	- Vote For Coins -
	- Ingame Guide -
	- Ingame Item Mall -


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Instant Up Quest 

Bugs? Go To Homepage login and use ticket system

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